Lantern Fly

News & Notes: Invasions & Strategies (October 2021)

Flight Fight “Fascinating little moth. It has red underneath its wings!” Insects delight my son and he texted me this photo while we were out of town recently. I too was captivated by it. And then we learned more… Lycorma delicatula, ...
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News & Notes: Wandering, Wondering and Wonders (March 2021 )

Introverts v. Zoom v. Extroverts My 16-year-old daughter has become fascinated by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. No, she’s become obsessed. You know it. That’s the personality test that describes you in four letters (Your “Type”). What could be more appealing ...
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Tea and T-Shirts

News & Notes: Tea & Hope (October 2020 )

Tea and T-Shirts Sipping tea in my t-shirt, I contemplate the structure of a particular analysis for an evaluation I am working on. I glance over at the window boxes brightened by the morning sun, then adjust the back cushion ...
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News & Notes: Courage & Privilege (July 2020)

A Biting Chance If you should start to find yourself beginning to become numb to the idea that nature is a wondrous thing, and even if you remain alive to this idea, consider this. If bumble bees emerge from hibernation ...
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News & Notes: Built for Covid (May 2020)

While weathering the tide here in New York City these last six weeks, I've collected some notes, news, and photos and I thought I’d pass on a few. I hope they provide a measure of help as you work through ...
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