A Fresh Way to Think About Transitions (March 2022)

A Fresh Way to Think About Transitions (March 2022)

I often find myself working with people and organizations in moments of transition. I have read academic examinations of the subject, but recently I picked up William Bridges’s more popular-style Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes.… Bridges’s conception of transition is simple. All transitions have three phases: an ending, a neutral zone, and a new beginning. This start-with-an-ending idea quickly made sense.

Invasions & Strategies (October 2021)

Lantern Fly

“Fascinating little moth. It has red underneath its wings!” Insects delight my son and he texted me this photo while we were out of town recently. I too was captivated by it. And then we learned more… Lycorma delicatula, the Spotted Lanternfly. Arriving in the mid-Atlantic in 2014, it’s a nasty invasive pest that poses a major threat to a number of important crops, including apples and grapes, plant nurseries, commercial timber, and other trees, including maples, black walnut, birch and willow.

Wandering, Wondering and Wonders (March 2021 )


Introverts v. Zoom v. Extroverts My 16-year-old daughter has become fascinated by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. No, she’s become obsessed. You know it. That’s the personality test that describes you in four letters (Your “Type”). What could be more appealing to a sociable teen than that? Apparently there are sites where you can take the test for free online, and after doing so she persuaded her friends to take it.

Tea & Hope (October 2020 )

Tea and T-Shirts

Tea and T-Shirts: Sipping tea in my t-shirt, I contemplate the structure of a particular analysis for an evaluation I am working on. I glance over at the window boxes brightened by the morning sun, then adjust the back cushion I bought recently. The sofa wasn’t really made for “office” use. I get up to check that my daughter is up and readying for her first day of virtual school. “What’s for dinner?” she asks me…